Back and forth between Europe and Asia

The Courtyard Consulting [TCC] is a multifaceted Business Concierge Company catering discerned companies that need guidance and assistance to improve economic results in International Markets, and their presence thanks to Special Interest Travel, Corporate or Private Events and Luxury Concierge.
TCC pivots gracefully between Europe and China to meet markets needs and make things happen.

We are a “creative team” well versed across disciplines and that has an extensive international experience at the highest level in sectors like Business Management, Press & Marketing, Institutional Relations, Corporate Events and Special Interest Travel, always bringing our knowledge to every new area we pursue.

We share more than 20 years of experience with China, 10 of them living in Beijing and Shanghai. Yes, we do speak Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Italian, English, … and we live and work across different ways of though, cultures and languages, connecting with people from different fields and backgrounds.
Adaptability, or 灵活, is our most important skill, allowing us to face complex and multidimensional situations.