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The Courtyard Consulting


In 1999 we met studying Chinese in Beijing and together discovered the amazing Chinese culture. One of our favourite spots to study was an ancient Courtyard, or 四合院, just in the heart of Houhai Lake in Beijing.

Almost 20 years later, we can rely on a trustful international network of partners, and lots of valuable experience related to China and Europe cooperation in different domains, at the highest levels of requirements.

Niche and boutique service is our signature.

Anna and Elena


Special Projects in which we develop strategy, together with Marketing and Commercial plans, tailored on products and brand needs. Analysis of new and alternative e-commerce platforms.


We are a Boutique Agent working on an exclusive base for brands to develop and project the entry and presence in the Greater China market (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore). We work with a wide portfolio of Boutiques belonging to different levels and positionings. We work together with International bridal Fashion Brands to support their growth, marketing and distribution, tailoring options that better suit their ADN.

The Commercial part for us goes together with the Marketing one, thus we use our official Social Media in Chinese to promote the brands we work with, looking also for Special Opportunities of marketing and promotion.

Possibilities of having a Physical Showroom in Shanghai during Bridal Markets at special rates.


Together with our local partner, we offer a full service Social Media and Traditional Media + PR, such as:

  • Opening and managing of Social Media like: Wechat, Weibo, Little Red Book, etc.
  • Entry packages of Social Media Management or Tailor Made offers.
  • Content creation and Translation
  • Media Relations and Press Office
  • Digital Events promotion and management
  • Celebrity Endorsements; Brand Ambassador selection, Stylist Showroom
  • Other events


Master Classes for Bridal Professionals aimed to explain how to approach different markets and cultures (for Buyers, Sales Managers, Stylists…).

Support/ Research for Production in the field of Bridal and Evening wear.