Together we established a Boutique Consultancy Agency that exclusively collaborates with International Fashion Brands, guiding them through the projection and development process in new B2B markets. Our passion lies in the world of Bridal and Evening wear, with a special focus on hand-made andcouture brands.

Our journey began back in 1999 when we met while studying Chinese in Beijing. It was during this time that we discovered the captivating Chinese culture, and one of our favorite study spots was an ancient Courtyard, or 四合院, nestled in the heart of Houhai Lake in Beijing.

Almost 20 years later, we can rely on a trustful international network of partners, and lots of valuable experience related to China (and Asia at large), Europe, USA and Middle East in different domains, at the highest levels of requirements.


At The Fashion Courtyard, we are not just consultants; we are partners in the journey, and our dedication is not only to the industry but also to preserving the essence of cultural appreciation and bespoke consulting services.

How we work

We work together with Brands to support Commercial Growth, Marketing and International Distribution Network, tailoring options that better suit each brand unique DNA. And on the other side with the Boutiques, in order to help them grow and find the best products for their target.

Where to find us

You can find our team: In April and October at NYBFW, in April at BBFW, PFW and Haute Couture week, Shanghai and for private appointments where needed.

Our focus

The Fashion Courtyard works in the following fields:

> Bridal gown, mainly hand-made and made-to-order.

> Evening gown.

> Special projects (including production, development).

> Social Media management and marketing consultancy, focused on Asian market.

Upcoming events


Fiera di Roma | 23 to 25 March 2024

The Fifth Edition of the largest, most elegant and exclusive bridal event in history will bring together the sector’s major players, presenting the new collections to an international audience of buyers and retailers. Once again this year the Eternal City will be the setting for the great event dedicated to Bridal fashion.


NY | 02 to 04 April 2024

We will be present at NYBFW with a curated collection of the best luxury bridal designers. All with a specific DNA and a strong design. Renowned bridal designers who are masters of their craft such as Soucy, The Atelier Couture, Vivienne Westwood, Azzi and Osta and Stephane Rolland. Find us along the 5th Avenue


Fira de Barcelona | 17 to 21 April 2024

Four days and one night that set the trend in bridal fashion and become the centre of attention. Her creations are authentic Haute Couture pieces. Glitter, iridescent fabrics, embroidery and beading embellish handcrafted and unique dresses and accessories.