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Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood, an indomitable force in British fashion, has left an indelible mark on the industry. Revered for her avant-garde designs and audacious creativity, Westwood has been a trailblazer since the punk movement. Continually challenging conventional norms, her designs are characterizedby a fearless fusion of art, fashion, and activism. Beyond her groundbreaking contributions to the fashion landscape, Westwood's commitment to sustainability and ethical practices underscores her influence as a true iconoclast. As the brand moves forward, Vivienne Westwood Bridal line stands as the utmost expression of detail, beauty and modernity, carrying on the legacy of the brand.

Distribution: Global

The Atelier

The Atelier Couture by Professor Jimmy Choo OBE, a brand with a strong DNA, where all the embroidery and fabrics are unique and with incredible craftsmanship. In the realm of bespoke bridal wear, The Atelier stands as a sanctuary for those seeking a personalized and unparalleled experience. Specializing in crafting unique pieces that encapsulate the dreams and desires of each bride with a meticulous attention to detail, the brand transforms the journey of finding the perfect gown into a cherished and exclusive memory.

Distribution: Global (Except China & Corea)


Berta, an internationally acclaimed bridal fashion house, is synonymous with unparalleled glamour and sophistication. Each creation within the Berta collections reflects a commitment to pushing the boundaries of bridal design. The dresses are modern and bold, making a bride look stunning and unique on her special day. Berta's creations are recognized for their luxurious and contemporary style, capturing the essence of a bride seeking a striking and memorable look.

Distribution: GCA (Greater China Area)


JoliPoli Haute Couture is a fashion brand that embodies a dreamlike and magical essence. Renowned for its couture designs, the brand crafts exquisite pieces that reflect a commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail. JoliPoli's creations are characterized by their unique and unparalleled corsetry, making them a go-to choice for those seeking fashion that is both dreamy and perfect. Designer Pham Dang Anh Thu is fascinated with the female figure. And along with the meticulous selection of fabrics and accessories, makes her bridal and occasion dresses truly one-of-a-kind. With a dedication to infusing artistry into each design, JoliPoli Haute Couture stands as a symbol of timeless beauty and grace in the world of high fashion.

Distribution: Global

Stephen Rolland Bridal

Stéphane Rolland, a luminary in bridal fashion, has forged an illustrious path from early sketches at age 4 to becoming Paris's youngest artistic director at 21. Influenced by a profound passion for architecture and modern art, Rolland's globally recognized style, influenced by mentors like Balenciaga, showcases a harmonious blend of sculptural precision and timeless elegance. Since the establishment of his eponymous brand in 2007, officially endorsed and celebrated, Rolland has consistently captivated brides worldwide with designs that embody sophistication, luxury, and a distinctive sense of style. His bridal creations stand as enduring symbols of grace and refinement, making Stéphane Rolland a trusted name for brides seeking a perfect fusion of artistry and opulence on their special day.

Distribution: Global (Up on request)

Tosca Spose

Hailing from Italy, Tosca Spose is a revered bridal brand known for its romantic and sophisticated designs. Seamlessly blending traditional craftsmanship with contemporary elegance, the brand's wedding gowns embody a timeless allure. Each creation is a testament to the brand's commitment to creating pieces that capture the essence of classic charm while incorporating modern elements, offering brides a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation.

Distribution: Global (Up on request)

Sophie et Voilà

Since its establishment in Bilbao (Spain), Sophie et Voilà has evolved into an esteemed fashion label celebrated for its fusion of couture and ready-to-wear collections. The brand's mission is rooted in empowering modern women through sophisticated architectural designs. A purveyor of elegance and apparent simplicity with a contemporary twist, Sophie et Voilà captures the essence of modern women, making a lasting impact on the world of fashion.

Distribution: GCA (Greater China Area)

Peter Langner

Peter Langner, a luminary in the field of bridal design with a background in haute couture, is distinguished by his commitment to refined luxury and meticulous design. His creations exude an elegance that transcends trends. Each gown crafted by Langner is a masterpiece, reflecting the brand's unwavering dedication to creating bridal ensembles that serve as iconic symbols of beauty and grace.

Distribution: GCA (Greater China Area)

Azzi & Osta

Originating from Lebanon, Azzi & Osta is a couture house celebrated for its modern and artistic designs. Infused with a meticulous attention to intricate details and a commitment to refined craftsmanship, the brand creates beautiful pieces that embody contemporary luxury. Azzi & Osta's creations, with their elaborate designs and artistic flair, are a testament to the brand's ability to transform fashion into a form of wearable art.

Distribution: Global (Up on request)


Soucy Atelier's bridal creations blend style and comfort, creating timeless pieces that celebrate the strength and poise of the modern global woman. With a focus on elegance, infuses hand-executed painting, intricate embroidery, and draping techniques into each gown. The use of luxurious materials like tulle, lace, and silk faille adds a soft and delicate touch. Through a seamless fusion of style and comfort, Soucy makes a statement that transcends fleeting trends, carving a niche in the dynamic landscape of contemporary fashion.

Distribution: Global

Amelia Casablanca

Amelia Casablanca weaves a narrative romantic beauty through her wedding gowns. The Amelia Casablanca Wedding Dresses are the result of the experience of the founder, with more than 90 years of history, creating dresses that reached every part of the world. It is the ultimate expression of craftsmanship and handmade, endowing its garments with exceptional quality and paying attention to every detail. Their designs embody femininity and grace, each creation is a testament to the brand's commitment to capturing the essence of timeless romance. With a focus on delicate details and feminine silhouettes, Amelia Casablanca's bridal gowns evoke a dreamy and enchanting allure, continuing with the essence that, years ago, created many of the trends that still persist in fashion today.

Distribution: Global

Cyril Verdavainne

The brand specialises in women's haute couture, aiming to empower women through personalised design experiences. Meticulous attention to fit and details is evident in each garment, and while they offer standard sizes, Cyril emphasises precise measurements for custom orders. Verdavainne is more than a collection; it is a luxurious reflection of Cyril's remarkable journey in the fashion industry over the past two decades, spanning from Casablanca to London, Paris, and his current residence in New York.

Distribution: Asia, Europe, Middle East

Vievienna Lorikeet

Founded in the vibrant fashion hub of Melbourne in 2005, Vievienna Lorikeet has evolved into a distinguished Australian label synonymous with opulence and sophistication. Meticulously curated to emphasise impeccable quality and artisan design, Vievienna Lorikeet's creations transcend fashion trends, offering a timeless allure. Lorikeet has garnered great success with its extensive ready-to-wear collection, characterised by a fresh and straightforward style enduring pieces that resonate with the discerning modern woman.

Distribution: Global