Mariaelena_PerroneMariaelena Perrone-裴玛兰 inspired by the love for English language started studying foreign languages early on.

Finding the Chinese language fascinating, she worked for almost 10 years for government institutions and companies in China, after her degree in Chinese.s) and once back in Italy has worked for multinationals and foreign governments orga She has dealt mainly with company start-ups and exclusive event organization in Beijing, Shanghai, Canton. She went on to work in the Middle East (Tunisia, Turkey and the Emiratenizing galas, shows, large sets and staging. Listening, innovation and sharing are the principals that Elena uses to create a personal, unique and original experience.

Foto Anna

Anna Martinez Riba 安娜 At five years old she saw a Hong Kong postal that planted the seed of my Eastern dreams deep in her heart, and the intellectual curiosity for the unknown.

In 1999 I went to China with no return ticket … and stayed until 2008. She ‘graduated’​ in Chinese Mandarin thanks to thousand heartfelt conversations and heated discussions with Chinese taxi drivers, and an ‘extended global family’-network.​ As an expert in Public Affairs & Communications, she has boosted cooperation between private sector and public institutions from Spain, Catalonia and Barcelona with Asia-Pacific countries with focus in P.R. of China, her country of expertise.