The brand’s hypnotic and ethereal creations have seduced women the world over,
landing in more than 35 countries. Their global appeal is a testament to Saiid Kobeisy’s innate flair for beauty and creativity, which he has devoted himself to since the age of 15.  In Saiid Kobeisy’s sensational bridal line, dreams merge with reality and the make-believe takes form. Draped in elegant lacework and expressive frills, the bride takes her place as a fluttering, fairytale vision. Carefully fashioned with practicality in mind, yet glamorous beyond measure,
the designer’s bridal looks exude romance and grandeur, embodying all that’s
extravagant in a woman.

召力证明了塞乙德· 科贝希( Saiid Kobeisy) 从15岁起所呈现出其与生俱来的美丽
与创造力。在塞乙德· 科贝希( Saiid Kobeisy) 感性新娘礼服系列中将梦想与现实融合为一体,将美丽的信念镶嵌住。披上优雅蕾丝花边与极具表现张力的褶皱装饰的新嫁娘,成为童话般的飘然仙子。精心打造并兼具实用性。典雅风华,魅力十足。设计师一手打造出的新娘,散发 出浪漫幸福气息且富丽堂皇,展现女人的奢华。